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in the urgency to ‘show’ results to others, one often tends to forget the miracles that consistent and assiduous work can achieve… but “in order for the character of a human being to reveal truly admirable qualities” the book begins, “one must be able to observe its performance over many years” …then there can be no mistake

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for more than thirty years, his behind-the-scenes practice has guided entrepreneurs and public services to build clear-sighted strategies, harness technology, create healthy work-environments, and deliver solutions that exceed expectations to any number of business challenges, no matter how complex
  :: the 2nd strategic talent development meeting ¦ 2013 ¦ malta

at present he serves to enlighten people in what it means to live a quality of life that flourish on all levels, and provides knowledge and guidance, helping find a deep and very private vision of their own future, and develop benefit mind-set and life-skills to achieve their full potential, in any area of their lives
  :: young game-changers gathering ¦ 2016 ¦ edimburgh

staunchly independent and eclectic consultant with a deep knowledge across multiple disciplines, he worked on critical issues in numerous industries, designing modern technology solutions, facilitating efficient workflow and management information, and improving public relations and communication
  :: the 17th open-book management seminar ¦ 2014 ¦ amsterdam

as an enterprise philosopher concerned over the welfare of people, he always balanced ideals of service to others with practical application of those ideals, teaching to exercise responsibility and trust, even in trying conditions, and suggesting human resource policies and practices to foster harmony
  :: next generation’s roundtable ¦ 2015 ¦ london

beeing calm when things go wrong is his natural ability and he was famed for his stubborn resistance and his refusal to accept defeat — the perfectionist who expects everyone else to meet a high standard of performance, too — but his infectious optimism can lift others to see life's circumstances with greater objectivity and to focus on goals and efforts
  :: youth coaching/leadership conference ¦ 2017 ¦ crete

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