WELLMAX/HUGH  to think, to guide, to edify

§1 who he is and what he does

beloved visitor, this place is not for «the average person» who is willing to accept a life of mediocrity or to adopt the role of victim — instead, it is for those who seek to live a fascinating, meaningful, and enjoyable existence; it is for those who seek the courage to master their destiny; it is for those who are willing to do the required effort to express special and unique qualities to the world ¶

if youʼre not happy today, what day are you waiting for?  you can take for granted that everything you donʼt like would have an opposite, which you would like… but waiting for the «right» feeling wonʼt get you anywhere ¶

itʼs not enough to just live — one must combine their passions and strengths to provide a service to others; the purpose is highly important regardless of the size or scale of reach ¶

giving you true freedom

if youʼre ready to assume responsibility for yourself, and if you choose to improve yourself, youʼll find a loyal friend here who will bring you to listen to your own inner wisdom, who will teach you to boost the quality of your mind and body, who will guide you to take the necessary steps to evolve, who will train you to take action even though youʼre scared ¶

getting things into a better order is the great secret of progress; you can do — and be — so much more than you think; many people want excellence, but not everyone wants to know how to get there; everyone wants to make an impact, but not many people want to invest to improve themselves; the beginning of change always lies within you ¶

to create positive lasting changes all round

in the urgency to «show» results to others, one often tends to forget the wonders that consistent and assiduous efforts can achieve — “in order for the character of a human being to reveal truly admirable qualities” the book begins, “one must be able to observe its performance over many years” … then there can be no mistake ¶

every day is filled with the opportunity to do something great for another person, encouraging life-fulfilling behaviours that concentrate on well-being and happiness, engaging the hearts and minds of co-workers, and making any organization an amazing place with an amazing cause — all of us create our own miracles: change your perception of what a miracle is ¶

what the presenters have said

for more than thirty years, his behind-the-scenes practice has guided entrepreneurs and public services to build clear-sighted strategies, harness technology, create healthy work-environments, and deliver solutions that exceed expectations to any number of business challenges, no matter how complex ¶
  2013, MALTA / the 2nd strategic talent development meeting

these days he serves to enlighten people in what it means to live a quality of life that flourish on all levels — he provides knowledge and guidance, helping youngsters find a deep and very private vision of their own future, and develop benefit mind-set and life-skills to achieve their full potential, in any area of their lives ¶
  2016, EDINBURGH / young game-changers gathering

staunchly independent and eclectic consultant with an unusual know-how across multiple disciplines, he worked on critical issues in numerous industries, designing modern technology solutions, facilitating efficient workflow and management information, and improving public relations and communication ¶
  2014, AMSTERDAM / the 17th open-book management seminar

as an enterprise philosopher concerned over the welfare of people, he always balanced ideals of service to others with practical application of those principles, teaching to exercise responsibility and trust, even in trying conditions, and suggesting human resource policies and practices to foster harmony ¶
  2015, LONDON / next generationʼs round-table

being calm when things go wrong is his natural ability, although heʼs renowned for high audacity and perseverance — the perfectionist who expects everyone else to meet a high standard of performance, too — but his infectious optimism can lift others to see life’s circumstances with greater objectivity and to focus on goals ¶
  2017, CRETE / youth coaching & leadership conference

respecting the excellence of the practice

WELLMAX/HUGH  is not a scholarly person in the mould of modern pedagogy; despite this, heʼs provided services to a wide variety of educational and financial institutions, government departments, for-profit and non-profit businesses, multinational corporations and individuals; his practice includes organization and technology consulting, fashion art direction and photography, sales-force selection and training, advertising and marketing communication; heʼs helped companies enjoy great results while working with people:

 Ellesse    H & M    Pirelli    I.B.M.    Degussa    Reebok    MIUR  

actually, he ignores the meaning of the word «cannot»he knows no guru; he knows no set form of rules made for him by others; he makes his own rules as he goes along; the experience of those who have gone before him in any occupation, is unquestionably valuable, but valuable only as suggestion — if advancing forward, itʼs better to look forward ¶

words of thanks and appreciation

“he brings the depth of philosophy into the environment where you live and work”
  — peter g. alfond ∫ millionaire investor and philanthropist

“je vous remercie pour l’excellent service fournit”
  — carmela pignataro ∫ air france

“soprattutto una grande sensibilità, efficienza organizzativa e professionalità”
  — vittorio marengo ∫ università statale degli studi di bari

“it is a miracle that you are here”
  — sandra malizia ∫ hippocrates health institute

heʼs still not one-hundred percent sure what the answer is

“what do you do?” is the question that reflects an anxiety affecting many ethnicities; it seems to be part of human nature to need a defined identity or a sense of belonging to a social group, and one can embrace it through almost any activity: “ɪ am a parent”, “ɪ am religious”, “ɪ am an athlete” — however, each individual is neither that activity nor that community, and the true essence can get lost hidden under uniforms and insignia ¶

if someone has made you believe that your outside is more important than your inside, you act a certain way based on who you think you are, but this person is illusory — itʼs a falsely created mind-made delusion that takes over your true being ¶

the less competition, the more well-being

after heʼd achieved all his ambitions by the age of thirty, he slowly started to realize that the laws of manʼs business are not the laws of happiness, and that “things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least” ¶

moreover, he was noticing so many teens who felt unhappy and unable to improve or get away from a their situations — therefore, he gradually shifted the focus (and understanding) from adults to the young, from top-management to higher-education, from efficiency to enjoyment, from casual motivation to lasting fulfilment ¶

becoming a dynamic force with a powerful message

business and personal life are not like a lottery, and people are not born lucky or unlucky: itʼs an out-of-date and incorrect thinking; if youʼre unsatisfied in what you do, then you should take action rather than watch things go astray; your future is in your thoughts ¶

you can be greatly helped by those who may have more knowledge than you of certain laws; you can get force or skill or ideas to carry out your undertakings, by meeting at regular intervals with earnest and sincere people who have also some definite purpose to accomplish; eventually, you must study and find out for yourself what brings you the best results ¶

a besetting error is to imitate other peopleʼs methods in everything, or to become blindly obedient to a book or the mind that wrote a book — if you accept any person as an infallible authority, you are off the main track  ¶

if youʼre searching for your truest values and your natural abilities, if you want to learn how to get (well) paid to do what you love and yet help to enrich the community — provided that youʼre committed to escape your current conditions and to overcome any challenge or setback in your pursuit — the time to make first contact is now ¶